A lot of companies don’t think about the next steps after acquiring a client. Your client will have expectations as they desire to reach their business goals. This is why they’ve hired you as a service provider. You must create a unique customer journey with actionable steps to give your client clarity. I’d like to share a few tips with you that I learned from our “Purpose Corner” podcast.

Before you gain your first client, you must have a organized system in place. Your business systems (SOP’s) will enable you to develop a solid foundation. A solid foundation leads to clear step by step instructions for your client. A automated system will allow you to focus on managing your time to get more done.

In the “Purpose Corner” podcast, we discussed the next steps in your business after gaining a client. After you acquire a client, our lead co-moderator (Sasha Figueroa, CEO of Figueroa Virtual Services) instructed us on how we can succeed as kingdom entrepreneurs with new clients.

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In order to see great results, you must know your client. Serve your clients with effort, clear communication, and commitment. This will allow you to build trust with your client as they prepare to succeed.

Next, you need to know your client’s business goals. What are they looking to achieve with you over a period of time. Breakdown their goals into actionable steps that they will see during the process of the project. You must be able to give them next steps that will make them excited about their customer journey with you. Reassure them of their investment in your services or products.

Understand where your clients are at in their life or business journey. Listen to solve problems with the proper research. Tailor your products and services appropriately. If you’re working with a startup founder, it would be helpful to understand how much money they raised. Find out where your client is at and meet them halfway in their developmental process.

A new entrepreneur might not be looking for operational support because they haven’t got started yet. You can forge a unique customer journey for your clients to follow as they receive constant value and support. Take your time choosing the right strategies to assist your clients. Your strategies should be supported by the right systems and structures to serve your client.

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Always look for opportunities to add value. Help your clients meet their goals as a brand or business. It’s important to always be looking for ways to help your clients out. It is also helpful to work on your communication skills. How you communicate value is just as important as how you obtain that value. If your client doesn’t understand the value you have to offer, why will they continue to invest in you? Utilize a clear message when communicating effectively with others. This will give your brand credibility!

Find out what your clients need from you as a service provider. Learn how you can provide solutions with accurate research. You can’t build a strong relationship with your clients without first understanding their pain-points. As you develop your organization, let accurate information reassure your clients. Give your new clients strategies that address their problems. This is a great way to be heard while striving for results.

Determine how to solve your clients problems with organization. Prepare each step with a clear mind. Then, articulate that solution to your client. Let them see the progress you are making as you deliver services or products.

Start by figuring out how you can address your client’s needs with organization. Communicate each step with clarity. Think about the forms of communication you are using when working. Are you using: email, phone, or text?

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As you take your client through their customer journey, deliver their services or products with no distractions. Let them see your focus and commitment. Finally, give clear instructions about what should happen next.

Make sure you know your client’s expectations. Then, strive to exceed their expectations. Create credibility and quality in your work by offering the best strategies to get results. Put a concrete timeline with a firm deadline in place to deliver the expected products or services.

Your work can be successful when you know what to expect from clients. Aim to exceed their expectations. Create credibility with well-designed strategies that lead to results. Remember, concrete timelines and firm deadlines will get your projects delivered with no issues.

Develop a good reputation in both professional circles and among future prospects who are seeking someone just like yourself when they hire an outsourced company again!

After you deliver your product or service, follow up with your client regularly to ensure that everything is going well. Make sure that there’s nothing else that you can do for them. Show them that you want them to succeed.

Make sure you keep the communication flowing after delivery of your product or service. Make this customer feel like they can rely on you for help with anything else that comes up. Make your clients a priority.

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We’ve given you a ton of great advice on how to create actionable steps with your new clients. Your business will grow when you create a step by step customer journey. Define each step of the process for your client so that they understand your value. Each client should acknowledge your contributions as an investment not a transaction. Why? You’ve invited them into your business and made them feel at home.

This is a great way to build long-lasting relationships that are mutually beneficial. Your ultimate goal should be to make sure that everyone is happy including yourself! If this sounds like something you want in life, join us every day in “The Purpose Corner” Club for our weekly podcast. We offer free tools, articles, videos, and more tips straight from the experts who have helped others build lucrative businesses. We know you can build the business of your dreams too!

Jerreme transforms words into relationships by writing to build community. He believes the power of collaboration optimizes engagement and increases revenue.

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Jerreme transforms words into relationships by writing to build community. He believes the power of collaboration optimizes engagement and increases revenue.

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