What is your brand message? Are you crafting a message to tell people who you are as a business owner? Better yet, are you striving to become a visionary with your words? Your brand message will allow you to stand out from competition. It’s time to rethink how you craft your brand message. Your brand message should be honest, clear, consistent, and targeted to a specific audience. Take the time to know your audience. Then, pick out a few client avatars that you can speak to with your brand message.

Mold your brand message to fit your ideal client. No matter if your customer is a first-time buyer, make them fall in love with your brand message. Become a student that continues to learn their industry. Utilize all the information you learn as tools to create opportunities. Let your opportunities increase engagement. As your engagement increases, you will have time to interact with your digital community on a personal level. The more vulnerable and organic you are as a person, the more your ideal client will trust you.

It takes time to develop trust and loyalty with your ideal client. However, it starts with a clear brand message.Start by analyzing your current brand message. What is working for you and what is holding you back? Think of this question as a SWOT analysis. This means you are analyzing the: strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats (SWOT) within your business. This will allow you to put your best foot forward. If you articulate your strengths with opportunities for your ideal client, they will believe you.

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It takes strategic thinking and creative marketing techniques for your brand message to work. Your writing process has to be smooth. I have a unique 5-step writing process that works for me. However, if you’re looking for some help with crafting your brand message, keep reading this blog. Get your notepad and pen ready as I drop some major gems on you. Let’s start with reviewing the notes on, “How to Write your Brand Message.”

  • Get a clear understanding of what is your purpose
  • Learn how to build a brand message
  • Gain knowledge about the power words have in an audience’s mind
  • Be inspired by others and be able to create something better
  • Create a brand message and stand out from the competition
  • Have a clear purpose and intent for your business
  • Think outside of the box

If you take anything from this conversation, remember this statement. Know who your audience is before writing any copy. It’s important to study every aspect of the market before you step out with your business. Now, I’m not saying have a bulletproof plan. However, have an idea of the direction you’re going in each quarter. Have you ever heard the saying, “if you fail to plan then you plan to fail?” It’s essential to plan out what you are doing ahead of time. If you don’t, you risk the unexpected happening. Never leave anything to chance.

Your brand message doesn’t have to be perfect. Yet, the little details can be the difference between $100 and $100,000. You need to know exactly who will read what you write or speak before it’s published. Think about how you will express your message as well. Are you using emotion or empathy? Everyone has feelings so appeal to them as you choose the right words to develop your brand message.

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Now, are you thinking about how you will express your brand message? Well, express the value that your products or services have to offer. Explain why your products and services are beneficial to the growth of others around you. Let the world see your results on different platforms to increase engagement. The best results can boost your goals with a direct plan of action for your ideal clients.

A confident brand message will allow your ideal client to think twice about investing in your brand or business. This is to be expected when you do the research. Take the time to make sure that your data reflects your brand message. This matters because your data will show your ideal client that results can be achieved. Now, you will have the undivided attention of your ideal client when you implement some data into your brand message. At that point, it’s time to express why your brand message matters!

Why should people invest in your product or service? This is a legit question that people have the right to ask. It’s important that you reassure your ideal clients that their investment is in good hands. Let them see who you truly are as an entrepreneur so they can build rapport with you. Once they respect you as a business owner, they will believe in your vision!

There are tremendous benefits to creating your brand message. Your brand message will give you a strong presence online and in the community. A confident business owner presents a brand message that is the foundation of building wealth, health, and prosperity. A successful business has a brand message because the founder is focused on a purpose that will up,lift, impact, and empower all who hear the words that are presented.

Having the right brand message in place opens up opportunities to engage with customers and eventually lead them towards making investments in your vision. You should always intend to build a community of like-minded professionals with your brand message. Here are some of the top brands that utilize powerful messages to build community with less words for more impact.

  1. Nike
  2. Apple
  3. Jordan

Apple, Nike, and Jordan have all maximized their brand message to secure recurring investments from their community. In addition, those investments have built a movement all around the world. It’s a unique opportunity for people to be a part of these brands as they purchase their products or services. All you will hear is, “Just Do It” or “Air Jordan” for campaigns that impact the globe.

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You must learn how to leverage your brand message. Let it become resourceful information for your business. Generate new leads by using the power of social media marketing tools. Start developing a powerful presence online in your own time. Don’t feel rushed or pressured to meet any expectations. The truth is you define progress as you aspire to be successful. Let your personality show behind your brand message. Attract brand advocates from all over the world as you find your brand identity. Think about what Pepsi says! It’s “Pepsi time.” The time to build your brand message is now.

Your brand message matters. It’s what you stand for as an entrepreneur. It’s how people identify with your business and products. If you don’t have a strong brand message, then most of your ideal clients will be confused. You want to be in control of your own destiny. Join “The Purpose Corner” Club today! We’ll help you understand why having an established brand message is so important. Our team of moderators will share tips on mindset, systems, and messages weekly. Now, as you go into the weekend, look at how other brands utilize their brand message. Think about how you can create a slogan or phrase that captures attention. Give your ideal client a call to action that is priceless. Update your messages periodically as needed. Provide resources and tools to your digital community that will get them started fast. Get out there and let people know who you are with your brand message!

Jerreme transforms words into relationships by writing to build community. He believes the power of collaboration optimizes engagement and increases revenue.

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Jerreme transforms words into relationships by writing to build community. He believes the power of collaboration optimizes engagement and increases revenue.

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