Friday is a lifestyle, mentality, and journey that you should embrace as freedom from stress or anxiety. I embrace Friday with a “micro mentality.” I think in bits and pieces that empower my decisions. Most people don’t realize that freedom comes from the thoughts and words we choose to let occupy our mind.

My mind has created a bridge that closes the gap in communication for young professionals. Specifically, I see my impact being felt the most in the black communities that undervalue the art of communication. Don’t get me wrong, not all black people undervalue communication. However, communication is a problem at the essence of our foundation. When we learn how to articulate our thoughts effectively, we will forever be dangerous. Think about your story! The value that you could add to a life by communicating effectively is amazing.

As the founder and CEO of ItzProgressJ LLC, I focus on creating less words for more impact. My strategies and structures enable me to obtain, retain, and covert attention. Don’t put limitations and restrictions on your possibilities as an entrepreneur. Our communities need more people like you! Start to manifest your dreams into reality by pursuing freedom. Now, freedom starts with the right structures and strategies that you put in place. Don’t get lost in the distractions that surround you. Focus on cultivating minds, hearts, and souls because that’s when freedom will find you.

Say what you want about words but they attract freedom when you speak the right way! I use my words to provoke emotion, tell stories, and add value. This provides me with an experience like no other. I proceed to share this experience with my community of entrepreneurs. Once my community gets a glimpse of my value, they’ll be hooked because I’m writing or speaking from a place of passion and pain that fuels me to be great. Do you want to join my pursuit for freedom?

My business or brand embraces the constant pursuit for freedom that entrepreneurs face. Whether industry you’re in, freedom gives you a peace of mind. My peace of mind comes from a personal narrative that continues to evolve today. I took my story and wrote it down as a way to express my emotions. I had the perception that men were suppose to be strong and never show emotions growing up. My perception was wrong. There is strength and freedom in the moments where vulnerability exists. How? Our ability to be vulnerable connects us with our ideal customer or client. In that moment, we build rapport and trust outside of a transaction. This is why I write from a place that is a outlet for me. I convey my thoughts using less words for more impact because I still believe actions speak louder than words. My thoughts just attract the attention that I leverage. My outlet became a passion and that passion became a purpose. My purpose has driven me to pursue freedom as an entrepreneur and copywriter more than ever.

As an entrepreneur, freedom is a form of currency that can only be obtained with structure and strategies. As I started to grow and expand my network, I noticed a lot of errors on my part. It wasn’t until I built a concrete structure around my current eBook that I really gained insight into the potential of what I’m doing as an innovator. I help entrepreneurs turn basic captions into business models. I allow them to enter my world of micro content where a hobby becomes a full business model.

We are in a space where everyone is blending in, I want you to stand out and make your presence felt with words. To stand out, you’ll need to hire my brand strategist which I personally call my “brand coach.” After working with Julia CEO for 2 months, I’ve developed a structure to put in place as a copywriter and ghostwriter. My goals and aspirations are clear because the SOP’s and automation that I’m putting in place.

I no longer jump to new trends without establishing my presence within the current trend. I’m looking to add value, impact, and purpose with my words! On this Friday, I wanted to bring the truth to you all as an entrepreneur striving for greatness. Our words can be the single most important thing to set us free. Choose your words wisely today because they’ll impact tomorrow!

Content Writer, Editor, and Blogger. Transforming words into long-lasting relationships. Writing for community to increase engagement. Let’s connect and collab!