How Do You Want To End January 2022?

Learn how to pivot and grow every month!

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How do you want to end January 2022? Is it with the same routines, habits, and thoughts that have kept you in the same place for the past few years? Or, are you ready to take control of your life? It’s time to create the future you’ve always wanted! It’s time to start thinking about how you want to end January 2022 now! Your future starts with your next thought so make it count.

Embracing the shift in 2022 requires a pivot. What do I mean? In 2021, some of us were accustom to a certain business strategy. However, did that strategy allow you to build sustainability for your business? Our perception can play games on us. We need standard operation procedures. A system to follow, a structure to follow, and habits to embrace. You might think your words are impacting others but wait until your business shifts. In 2022, your business strategy should create a whole new journey for your ideal clients. It’s time to change your business model in 2022. For example, we started funneling our written content in a different way this year to adapt to the attention spans of our community. It’s amazing to see what a pivot has dome for our business!

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If you want to know how to build longevity in your business, start with the trends. There are millions of trends circulating around the world right now. Pick one and explore it with a creative strategy. Our team decided to focus on blogging for the first quarter. This means amplifying every aspect of blogging for 3 months. It has been challenging to master one craft while not getting distracted. We’ve seen the progress in just 19 days. Our analytics couldn’t be better. If you want to see results then challenge your team for the next 13 days.

As you challenge your team, rethink your strategies. Let your mind embrace different methods. How will you create content for Black History Month? Be empowered by your thoughts. You will realize that you are the master of your universe. Realize that your content has more potential then you thought. We all are resistance to change at first. We mean good and our hearts are in the right place. Still, we resist the moment when change impacts us. We urge you to get out of your own way and embrace change!

As you grow within your business, track your analytics, take polls, and give out surveys. Then, measure your results by setting up deadlines. Think about what do you have to do to reach that goal by the end of January? As you get ready for the last 13 days in January, ask yourself a few questions:

1. How do you want to improve your business?
2. What motivates you and why do you keep going?
3. What’s the best way of getting rid of impostor syndrome?
4. How can you improve tomorrow?

Stop floating while waiting on the next wave. See the tide rising and make the pivot today. When will you learn how to evolve with the world for the sake of your business? Learn how to work smarter not harder. You have to create the system that works for you. Still, you don’t have to settle for less. As you block out all external distractions, focus on what makes you happy.

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January is a time for reflection and setting goals for the year ahead. It’s not enough to just write down a list of goals you want to achieve. You need to have a plan of action to make them happen. That’s where your business will see growth. When you’re ready, create a roadmap for success that will get you closer to your goals. What are you waiting for now? Start February off with a passion and purpose, and turn your dreams into reality.



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