Many of us are a part of a community that uses powerful words on a daily basis. We just don’t realize the power of each syllable within our community. At times, we take our words for granted. We don’t realize the impact our words can have on others. It can be through a simple conversation. The act of speaking or writing positive words can have create a unique interaction. This interaction can have a positive result on the community as a whole. As you become aware of what you are writing or saying, your words will begin to inspire others that hear your message. Today, I ask this question. How can you build community with your words?

Have you ever thought about how you would define the words that come to mind? There’s a lot of power that exists within our mind. If we think positive as we speak, our messages can empower us. Let’s take a moment to explore some powerful words we can use in communities.

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I’m a part of a community known as, “The Purpose Corner.” Every week, we host conversations about different topics for kingdom entrepreneurs. Now, the word “kingdom” can mean different things to people. It could mean building a legacy or aligning your purpose with God. However, if you identify with the term, “kingdom” or “entrepreneur” then you will feel a part of our community.

The “Purpose Corner” is a community where we share our intent, converse about our purpose, and give a specific call to action (CTA). We do this so entrepreneurs can support each other. The message of support builds rapport among like-minded professionals on an emerging platform. The words spoken in this community inspire people every day to take action. It’s the perfect conversation for most people on their lunch break. If words can bring people together, how powerful do you believe our actions can be together?

Just when you think about giving up, imagine being inspired by powerful words of others in a community full of purpose. That is powerful feeling that can’t be replaced. If you ever fell like giving up, step back and think about your words. Do your words reflect positivity? So many times our words can discourage us as professionals. We can forget that our words are a part of us. We need to give positive energy as we continue to work hard for our dreams.

Photo by Kelli Stirrett on Unsplash

I want you to imagine building a community with your words. Each word enables you to bring others together. Would you take the time to create a message with your words that united a community? We always find time to surround ourselves with distractions. How many times do we surround ourselves with words of purpose that build community? Think about that one word that will help you strive forward. Take a moment to repeat that word in your mind at different times. Let that word inspire you. As you are inspired, look to contribute to the purpose of a unique community.

There’s a message with powerful words that will extend your impact far beyond what you can imagine. All you have to do is listen to the words. God will direct your path. Have an amazing day!



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Jerreme transforms words into relationships by writing to build community. He believes the power of collaboration optimizes engagement and increases revenue.